Thursday, December 12, 2013

Trellis partners with FinCredit to help grow it's community platform across New Jersey

Trellis Technology Inc. has partnered with Fin Credit and Property Tax Card to grow it's Community Platform offering to municipalities across New Jersey.  

Under the Property Tax Reward Program  (PTRP),  homeowners shopping at local participating merchants, receive rebates on sales and services in the form of property tax credits.

The more homeowners shop in their town, the more property tax credits they accumulate. With Trellis, users can now access a real-time mobile app to check the rewards, click to call the merchant, or purchase goods and services right through the app. The real-time platform allows for two way digital communication between the consumer and merchant.  Users can order, make reservations, or purchase items right from their smartphone.  All with one user id, password and credit card information.  Additionally, users can view local community content, events, and school information. 

The mobile and web versions are available in the Apple and Android marketplaces under the name of the participating towns.  Currently, the app is available for Marlboro, Bayonne, and Pequannock. (see example)

Local Merchants can now offer integrated ordering, reservations, and rewards with PTRP from FinCredit.  The branded town apps are a great way to stay connected, shop locally and save money on your taxes!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Trellis Launches As First Real-Time Community Commerce Platform - Connecting Consumers with Local Businesses and Community Services

Mobile and Web Accessible App Inspires and Facilitates “Shop Local First”

New York, NY (November 19, 2013) – Trellis Technology, Inc. today announced the launch of their real-time community commerce platform, designed from the ground-up to enable and encourage residents to “shop local first.

Trellis combines local community content and e-commerce for a broad array of businesses and organizations - all in one easy to use mobile application(app).  Trellis’s most distinctive feature is the real-time interaction it offers with local merchants.  As customers and merchants place and confirm an order, or ask and answer questions, both sides of the transaction see exactly what's being requested - instantly via the app.  (There’s no waiting for emails to go through or faxes to send.)  This direct and immediate feedback between businesses and their customers enables Trellis to provide a compelling alternative to the age-old small business standard of telephone ordering.  Trellis also supports traditional online ordering of goods and services.  This support for both interactive and non-interactive modes enables Trellis to accommodate a wide range of business types and use cases across the community.

Similar to how Amazon conveniently sells a myriad of physical merchandise on their website, Trellis gives consumers a single app to access their community’s services: restaurants, salons, fitness centers, repair shops, as well as organizations like youth sports, beach clubs, and other local groups that benefit from a modern online presence.

For local business owners, the Trellis platform delivers increased profitability and business growth by extending customer reach and helping to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.  For the overall community, Trellis keeps more dollars in the local economy: the local business base thrives, and tax dollars stay close to home to support town services.

“For me, Trellis was an easy decision,” said Bill Elig, Owner, Villa Capri 2..  “I use them to host my website that customers find via Google searches and Google Places. My website includes an Order Now button that brings customers to my online menu which allows them to submit orders to my in-store iPad running the Trellis platform. The iPad rings immediately just like the phone so I can confirm directly back to the customer the status of their order.  Additionally, my store is accessible from the Sparta, NJ community site. This is the best of all worlds, where I can manage an integrated web/mobile presence and use the same system to participate in the community based application where I can promote my business with coupons and deals.”

“With the Trellis app, users get a consolidated view of their community’s content such as events and news, along with access to their local businesses purchasing options. They can then easily place an order, make a reservation, or schedule an appointment,” said Kevin Kowalski, President, Trellis Technology.  “Most solutions existing today focus primarily on just content or just commerce. In contrast, we believe that combining local content with the ability to interact and transact with local merchants is a much more useful application for the local consumer.”