Friday, February 7, 2014

Trellis  eCommerce Ordering Modes

The Trellis Real-Time Community Platform allows merchants two different types of ordering modes.  Based on the needs of the merchant, Trellis will allow for both Real-Time human confirmation, and  Traditional on-line ordering.

  • Real-Time Confirmation:  Orders are placed through the mobile app or internet.  Orders are received on the merchant portal and then responded to in real-time.  Thus providing the consumer with real-time feedback on the order status, confirmation, and pick up or delivery time.
  • Traditional On-line ordering; Orders are placed online, and an automated / computer response is provided.  Merchant is alerted of an order, and can log into the Business console to get the details of the order and reply at their convenience. 
Here is a typical example of the Real-time Confirmation with a local food and beverage merchant.

Consumer App on Iphone or Android

Here is a standard ordering process with the consumer app on a mobile device.  The consumer selects their items, fills the cart, adds a digital coupon, and submits the order.

                                                Real-time Business Console

On the Merchant Portal, the merchant receives the order, the iPad or computer rings in the store, and an attendant responds in real-time.  They can then add a status note for pick up time.  If the order is not responded to within 30 seconds, another alarm sounds.  If not responded to in 2 minutes, a text message is sent to the merchant to notify them of the pending order.

Consumer view with real-time update

Here the consumer is notified in real-time that the order is received, and will be ready for pick up in 20 minutes.

Traditional Ordering work-flow

The consumer work-flow is the same, however the auto confirmation messages lets the consumer know the order is received, and the merchant will get back to them with fulfillment instructions.  An alert is sent to the merchant offline, via text message, that they have a new order.  The merchant can then login to their merchant portal at their convenience to respond and provide fulfillment instructions. 

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